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propecia prescription onlineYes, a medical prescription is needed to purchase Propecia. But you can easily get it using an online pharmacy which offers to provide legal Propecia prescription medicine without asking for a medical script. It comes with a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor which prevents testosterone converting into dihydrotestosterone. The conversion is a major cause of male baldness or thinning of hair near the forehead. By preventing the convention, it helps to maintain and retain the lost hair.

It is not a controlled that is it is not abusive in nature. So, it is safe to get the drug from our pharmacy without providing an Rx. But it is necessary to follow correct dosage for a controlled period of time to avoid any long-term effects from using the drug.

How to legally buy Propecia when purchasing online?

Since Propecia is an Rx only drug, it is illegal to sell drugs without taking a prescription. If an online pharmacy promises to do so, be careful about it before making placing the order. Reputed online pharmacy like ours is able to sell legally because we provide free consultation service to guide you through your treatment.

We have professional health-care advisers who will go through your medical information if you make use of this service. After a detailed review, they will provide you with required guidance which will help you pick the right Propecia dosage.

Or you can use online services that are exclusive for this purpose and get an online Propecia prescription to purchase it through e-pharmacies that accepts generated scripts. This is not free but affordable when compared with an actual appointment.

How to be safe when purchasing Propecia without a prescription?

Using an online drugstore to buy pills online without a script complicates things. There is a huge risk that may cost you if you choose a wrong store to make the purchase. So, it is always better to use the most trusted pharmacy. You can check the authenticity by verifying their licenses and certification to sell drugs which will be displayed on the site. If there is something that is out of place, it is safe to exit the store. Also, avoid the ones that say to give medicine for much less price than any other stores as there will be minor variations only between competitors.

Why is it safe to get a Propecia prescription?

Propecia is only suitable for men. Women and children are not allowed to interact with the drug as it can be absorbed through the skin and result in major health problems.

Also, there are several things that can be missed if it is taken without any medical help.

Improper use and dosing can give side effects like allergic reactions, headache, dizziness etc. Some severe side effects are impotence, abnormal ejaculation due to hormonal changes as the drug directly controls it.

Also, Propecia has drug interactions with OTC vitamins which you may overlook when purchasing the drug. Hence, only a professional can direct you to the treatment safely. You can use clinical service in our pharmacy for free if you purchase Propecia from us.