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Phentermine weight loss stories

  1. If Phentermine needs a brand ambassador then that would definitely be me. I would easily fit into the category of before and after stories, because that is exactly what the drug has been for me. I’ve struggled for so long with my weight issues but Phentermine was the drug that really helped me to experience the best results. – Mia

  2. I’m someone who has tried so many diets but always gained back any weight loss after the diet was completed. When I tried Phentermine I had a feeling that this would be different. This was one drug that actually worked and has enabled me to gain better control over what I eat. More than the weight loss itself, what this drug has done for me is helped to prevent gaining back any of the pounds that I shed while on it. My eating habits have also really improved with Phentermine. – Patrick

  3. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for a long time. Finally, our doctor informed us that my obesity was the reason for not being able to become pregnant. I was prescribed Phentermine so that the weight loss would be quick and I would also recover fast enough to be able to conceive without any issues. I was ready to do anything to make it work. I actually lost 25 pounds in just four weeks. I liked my progress and continued with the weight loss treatment. I don’t take Phentermine any longer but just wanted to share my story and that we are expecting our first child anytime soon. – Christi

  4. I used to have a severe eating disorder where food was my comfort for all my emotions. I ate more when I was happy or sad. This problem became too much to handle when one day I could no longer fit into the bus seat. I decided to get help and my doctor put me on Phentermine so that my appetite would be under control. The pounds have also dropped off quickly and I feel my fittest best now. – Martha

  5. If you ever thought drugs will not help to lose weight, then you should first try Phentermine and see for yourself. I was on the brink of being diagnosed as clinically obese when I finally made up my mind to lose weight and Phentermine was the drug that helped me tremendously in this process. – Alan

  6. It has been just two weeks since I started using Phentermine and already I’ve dropped 7 pounds. This drug really works. I am just waiting for the drug course to be over so I can share my success story with everyone. – Victoria