Does the quality of prescription meds vary when availed from an online pharmacy?

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Prescription meds onlineNo, the quality of the prescription drugs doesn’t change when these pills are bought from an authentic Rx online pharmacy over local stores. These genuine drugstores only sell real pills manufactured by the manufacturer.

The problem with the quality of online meds arises when the cheap drugs are procured from the illegitimate pharmacy. So, double assurance is needed before you start your purchase as it is contributing to your health.

Does low price drugs mean low-quality pills?

It’s true that we get discounts and we compare the prices of the drugs from the online pharmacy and get the lesser price for the drugs we order. When you buy cheap medications, the main problem you face is the quality of the medicine. But when it comes to the drugs it may cause serious impact to your health. So double check the standard of the prescription meds. But before placing your order over, you just need to be careful with the vendors. If the drugs that are bought is defective then, you may return the products with no harm to yourself.

What are the issues with the quality of drugs that are sold online?

Listing below the issues with the quality of medicine that is sold over the internet-

  • Few medical stores or pharmacies are not licensed.
  • The medication sold by certain e-pharmacies are too strong in some cases and that could cause serious side effects.
  • In few cases, the medicines are too weak, hence there is no impact in curing the health issues.
  • Sometimes, fake online pharmacies could even sell the expired medicines by changing the dates.
  • As they are not a registered store they are not aware of the ingredients to use. So there may be changes of misusing or overdosing the ingredients.
  • The manufacturing process is not carried out properly in certain cases.
  • The nature of non-registered medical stores is not evaluated and approved by the FDA. So the quality and the safety of the medicine is uncertain.
  • Sometimes, the meds bought from prescription online are not safe to use with other medications as the class of the drug is unknown.
  • The pills are not properly labeled and stored. Hence it also affects the quality of the drug.

How to ensure the authenticity of an online pharmacy in order to obtain quality meds?

  • Check whether the store or the pharmacy is licensed.
  • Whether the store sells the prescription medicine without any prescription. If so then it is against the law, it has to be reported.
  • Check whether that particular store gives you the information regarding your medication. In another case, it may provide you incorrect information.
  • Do not buy medicines online if you are seeking it for the first time without doctor’s diagnosis.
  • The online store should provide access to a licensed pharmacist.


What is the FDA’s take on quality drugs online?

Quality prescription drugsFDA has some recommendations to buy quality meds online. Check if the store is a member of National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) so that it is a licensed store and sells standard drugs. And also check whether the site sells only the FDA approved medications. Hence, always go by the rules while purchasing prescription drugs from internet drugstores in order to avoid any legal issues as well as side effects of the drug.